Volunteer – How it works

As a Volunteer, you meet with a foreigner, teach him/her Polish and gradually make him/her familiar with Polish culture and tradition, thanks to which your partner is not only more likely to get a job and make friends, but also will faster start to feel like a real member of the Wrocław’s community.

When and where to teach?

Together with your partner, you will make decision about how often you want to meet. To get more information about where to teach, refer to the page “Map of meeting places“. In the form you can choose only one meeting place, but if it does not matter to you where you want to meet your student – leave a comment in the “Comments” field in the form.

Teaching materials

If necessary, you can borrow books and exercises for learning Polish from us and use them during your language meetings. Ask our employee, who looks after your tandem, for teaching aids.

Which language to use when giving classes?

Polish! Teaching materials will be prepared in a way so that anybody could use them, and, what is the most important – they will be adjusted to your partner’s Polish level. However, if Polish is still on his/her “must do” list, then it would be better to start with speaking in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French… As the time passes, you will be exchanging more and more opinions using Polish!

Yeah, right, but what’s in it for me…

Although the aim of your meetings is to teach your partner Polish and pass the knowledge about Poland and Polish culture and mentality, a tandem always works both ways… Try to get to know your partner. Maybe she’s a Brazilian, and you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance samba? Or maybe an Italian guy, who will sometimes prepare some traditional Italian pizza for you? You may also improve your English with an American of Polish descent.
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