Wrocław on tongues of the world

Project “Wrocław na językach świata”

Wrocław na językach świata” means literally “Wrocław on tongues of the world”. “To be on tongues” (być na językach) is a Polish idiomatic expression meaning “to be talked about by many people”. People who meet in couples or groups and talk about their everyday life, about opinions and interests or differences and similarities there are between them.

These conversations lie at the heart of the Wrocław na językach świata project.

During this project, it is our city – Wrocław, a place connecting the indigenous Polish people with the foreigners, who have just come here and try to get familiar with Polish culture – that is talked about by many people – foreigners that have come to Wrocław in the pursuit of happiness, work or friendship – using their mother tongues. Their ability to understand the way the Polish people think and act, their mentality and tradition, namely the social integration of Wrocław inhabitants and the foreigners, relies on the Polish language skills of the latter ones and the acceptance of them by the Polish people.

The project of the Municipality of Wrocław, carried out by Wrocławskie Centrum Integracji (Wrocław Integration Centre), namely the project Wrocław na językach świata addresses the needs of Wrocław inhabitants, who want to get to know and understand their neighbours coming from various countries, as well as needs of foreigners, who want to understand the Polish people and get to know their culture, so as to feel as a legitimate part of the Polish society and find a job in Poland (where the lack of knowledge of the Polish language is often a barrier).

The project aims to:

  • support the foreigners living in Wrocław in Polish language learning,
  • help the foreigners to improve their language skills, which will enable them to benefit from the city’s offer and to participate in the active life of local community,
  • get the Wrocław inhabitants involved in the process of social integration of foreigners living in Wrocław.

It takes two to tango – tandem meetings

We encourage Volunteers (Wrocław inhabitants) and Participants (foreigners – we call them “Students”) to meet in couples (so-called tandem meetings). If you’re interested, fill out the application form. Having applications from Volunteers and Participants wen can find a partner for you and choose the right place and time. The Volunteer can, if necessary, borrow books and exercises to learn the language from us.

Two is already a crowd? Not for us!

If you want to meet in a larger group, we allow you to do so. It is enough to indicate such a desire in the application form. Meetings take place in the places offered free by the project Partners.

Participation in the project is free.
We are constantly recruiting!

We are not a language school.