Volunteer – Benefits

By taking part in the project, you become its co-author – we believe that only the Wrocław inhabitants, people who are connected with this city, have real, causative power and can positively influence the image of Wrocław and the way of thinking of people that live there.

Thanks to the project:

  • together with us, you take part in creating a united community of people from many cultures;
  • you change social attitudes of Wrocław inhabitants and foreigners, and build mutual understanding;
  • you make new friends;
  • you learn foreign languages, get to know other traditions and cultures;
  • you exchange skills with partner, and if not, you get his or her sympathy in return;
  • you gain a new point of view on the Polish culture and the Polish language;
  • you have opportunity to take part in free trainings;
  • you can get a certificate of participation in our project,
  • you can sign a voluntary agreement with us for a period of more than one month (please contact us – e-mail: kontakt@wnjs.pl)
  • you can gain professional experience in social activities;
  • you can actively influence the development of project through submitting your comments, ideas and suggestions.