Who is a Student in the program “Wrocław on languages ​​of the world”?

A student is a foreigner residing in Wrocław who wants to learn the Polish language or improve his/her language skills, but also to get to know Polish culture and traditions.

Who is a Volunteer in the program “Wrocław on languages ​​of the world”?

The volunteer is a resident of Wrocław (or the surrounding area) who wants to help foreigners learn the Polish language, but also show them Polish culture and traditions.

What are the requirements to take part in the program as a Volunteer or Student?

The requirement in the case of a Volunteer or a Student is the age of majority (at least 18 years of age) and living in Wrocław or in the vicinity of Wrocław.

Does the program “Wrocław on languages ​​of the world” have something to do with foreign language school?

No, the project does not work as a foreign language school, nor is it part of one. The assumption of the project is free help for foreigners in learning the Polish language on the basis of volunteering.

Is participation in the project payable?

No, participation in the project is completely free.

How long do you have to wait for assigning a Student / Volunteer and start learning Polish?

The waiting time depends on many factors. One of them is the place as well as the days and hours of meetings selected by the Student/Volunteer. We can create a tandem / language group only from a Student and a Volunteer who correspond to the same place (or neighborhood) and the days and hours of meetings. If the Student has chosen a place (surroundings) for meetings where there is no free Volunteer or the Volunteer does not like the meeting date, the waiting time may be significantly longer. Students usually expect from a few weeks to ~6 months to assign a Volunteer. Please note that there are 4 times as many Students participating in the program as Volunteers and unfortunately we have no influence on the waiting time. It also happens that we are unable to find a Volunteer for a specific Student.

Can I change the Student / Volunteer / meeting place during the participation in the program?

Yes! If for some reason you do not like a meeting place or a tandem partner, you can contact us and ask for a change.

Does the project have training materials that can be used while learning?

Yes, a Volunteer can borrow books, exercises and board games for learning Polish as a foreign language free of charge from our office. These materials are returned after the end of the study.

I am a Volunteer – in which language should I teach the Student?

The main assumption of the project is learning Polish, so in Polish. If the Student does not know the Polish language, communicate with him in a language you speak with (eg. English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

I am a Volunteer – can I sign a volunteer contract?

Signing the volunteering contract is mandatory, without it you cannot start volunteering in our program.

Will I get a certificate of Polish language knowledge after finishing my studies?

No, we are not a language school and we can not issue language certificates. We can, however, issue to our volunteers a certificate of participation in the project (in languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian).