Partner – Principles of Partnership

Apart from Wrocław inhabitants and foreigners meeting in tandems or workshop groups, also Partners can take part in the project Wrocław Na Językach Świata. Any kind of entity having its registered office in Wrocław and actively acting in the territory of the city can be a Partner, e.g. municipal entities, Municipal Public Library’s branches, culture centres and community clubs, non-governmental organizations, companies, churches and religious associations, Third Age Universities and Senior Clubs. Although the business profiles of particular Partner groups are of diverse character, they all collaborate to achieve one goal – to connect the civil society with the market economy.

To make the participation in our project available for the biggest possible number of partners, we offer you different forms of collaboration. We look for institutions that:

  • will, at no cost, make accessible (in chosen days and times) at least one small room (with a table and minimum two chairs for minimum two persons), necessary to arrange tandem meetings on a regular basis, or/and
  • will point out at least one voluntary keen on taking part in regular tandem meetings and teach a foreigner Polish language, or/and
  • will gather beneficiaries of the project, point out at least one foreigner ready to meet in tandem.

If you are interested in these forms of collaboration, including organization of regular group meetings or workshop meetings (e.g. specialised classes, such as theatre groups, technical trainings, self-defence courses etc.), connected with your activities, contact us using the Contact form.

We will prepare dedicated Polish learning materials for the purpose of proposed by you form of cooperation and presented range of activities. For example: if you want to organize multicultural group-based cooking workshops, we will prepare educational materials to teach Polish as a foreign language compliant with workshop’s profile.