Student – How it works

You’ve come to Wrocław and you want to start speaking Polish and learn something about Polish culture? That’s easy!

Just register using our Application Form and our employee will arrange a tandem meeting with one of the Volunteers (Wrocław inhibitans) participating in the project. During the meeting with the Volunteer you will determine how often and where you will be meeting. During each meeting, the Volunteer (your tandem partner) will conduct Polish language classes for you.

Are we a language school and issue certificates?

No, we are not a language school we do not issue certificates. Any citizen of Wroclaw can become a teacher in our project, who has the time and willingness to help you acquire the Polish language.

When and where to learn?

Together with your partner, you will make decision about how often you want to meet. To get more information about where to teach, refer to the page “Map of meeting places“.

Educational materials

If necessary, Volunteer can borrow books and exercises for learning Polish from us and use them during your language meetings.

What language is used during the classes?

It’s up to you! If you still don’t feel confident enough to speak only Polish, in your conversation you can use English, German, Russian… But remember – your Volunteer must also speak that language. Therefore, when looking for your tandem partner remember to put some information about your language skills in the Application Form.

However, if you can speak a bit of it – try to speak mainly Polish! As the time passes, you will tackle more and more difficult topics, and the language barrier will be eliminated!

Yeah, right, but what’s in return…

Although the aim of the project are meetings during which your Volunteer is going to teach you Polish, you can offer him or her in return more than just your sympathy! Perhaps your partner would like to learn your language! Maybe your Volunteer has always wanted to learn how to play guitar, and this is your favourite instrument? Or you know how to sew and you can show him or her some interesting styles? You like to cook? Prepare your tandem partner a delicious dessert! You can do whatever you want! Remember, speaking Polish is only a way to achieve your goal – discovering the local community and feeling home in Wrocław. Is that not enough? Check other Benefits!